XS WC element VarioTronic

Electronically height-adjustable

With VarioTronic you can easily adjust the height of wall-hung water closets to user requirements. The sitting and standing up positions are comfortable (18cm higher than standard toilets) and the height is ideal for optimum defecation (2 cm lower than standard toilet heights).

The VarioTronic is a concealed wall-mounted and electronically height-adjustable system, based on XS flushing technology. The height of the toilet can be easily adjusted by 20 cm (-2cm/+18 cm) using a remote control. The minimum height of the wall-hung water closet (top of the rim) is 38 cm. The maximum height is 58 cm. Both sides, as well as the shelf of the system are finished in stainless steel panels. The panels can also be opened for maintenance and servicing. The front of the element can be finished in HPL (standard colour white) or with safety glass (black). Optional folding arm supports are also available in white or black.

SKU: 8050482101
Product Description
  • The concealed wall-mounted system is so thin that manoeuvring next to it in a wheelchair is easy.
  • Aesthetically very attractive.
  • The sides and walls are finished in high-quality stainless steel.
  • Servicing and maintenance via the side.
  • Static load up to 400 kg.
  • People up to 180 kg can be raised.
  • Arm supports on the side can be completely folded up next to the frame for optimum transfer.
  • Arm supports move with the system.
  • Arm supports are easy to attach/dismantle.
  • The concealed wall-mounted system is easy to assemble.
  • Available with any XS control panel, mechanical, pneumatic or electronic.
Additional Information
Additional Information
EAN number8711778200746
Warranties and certifications10 years warranty, 25 years parts availability, 400 KG, CE
ApplicationWall-hung WC pan
Self-bearing constructionYes
Surface protectionCoated
Adjustable heightNo
Adjustable widthNo
Adjustable depthNo
Adjustable toilet heightYes
Height1380 - 1380 mm
Width412 - 412 mm
Depth192 - 192 mm
Types of reservoirsXS
Flushing reservoir materialPlastic
Flushing reservoir quality classPP
Usage class in accordance with DIN-52 218No
Mains water connectionExternal thread
Size of mains water threaded connection (inch)1/2"
Size of mains water threaded connection (metric)Ø 20,955 mm
Rinsing water quantity factory settingsYes
Minimum flushing water quantity3 Liter
Maximum flushing water quantity6 Liter
Adjustable flushing water quantityYes
Suitable for manual operationYes
Suitable for pneumatic operationYes
Suitable for electrical operationYes
Suitable for front operationYes
Suitable for shelf operationNo
Minimum shelf height1400 mm
With shut-off valveYes
With inlet and outlet fittingsYes
With drainage bendYes
With contact sound insulation setYes
With element attachment materialsYes
With toilet attachment materialsYes
Frame suitable for wc with split > 60cmYes
Spacer under reservoirNo
KIWA certifiedYes