WISA VarioTronic

Electronically height-adjustable

With VarioTronic you can easily adjust the height of wall-hung water closets to user requirements. The sitting and standing up positions are comfortable (18cm higher than standard toilets) and the height is ideal for optimum defecation (2 cm lower than standard toilet heights).

The VarioTronic height-adjustable flushing cistern is specially-developed for:

  • Hospitals and other care organisations, providing greater comfort for the patient and convenience for the caregiver
  • maintaining user independence and comfort during toileting in any home
  • Ageing-in-place homes
  • Rehabilitation centres

A small adjustment, a world of difference

In today’s ageing population, people want to live at home for longer. Making relatively minor adaptations to the the living environment in line with the life phase makes this possible. People really value being able to use the toilet independently. Where privacy is lacking, many people delay going to the toilet, which can have unpleasant consequences. Improving independence can help prevent incontinence. The correct ergonomic toilet position also stimulates defecation.





Optimum accessibility, room to move around and range

With a maximum element width of just 42 cm, the VarioTronic design offers people with disabilities optimum user comfort. This makes it very easy to move from the wheelchair to the toilet. A standard-sized wallhung water closet offers the perfect fit (as opposed to models that extend by 70 cm). This wall-hung water closet’s length plus the element depth together offer the ideal dimensions for a toilet used by people with physical impairments.

Product description

The VarioTronic is a concealed wallmounted and electronically heightadjustable system, based on XS flushing technology. The height of the toilet can be easily adjusted by 20 cm (-2cm/+18 cm) using a remote control. The minimum height of the wall-hung water closet (top of the rim) is 38 cm. The maximum height is 58 cm. Both sides, as well as the shelf of the system are finished in stainless steel panels. The panels can also be opened for maintenance and servicing. The front of the element can be finished in HPL (standard colour white) or with safety glass (black or white). Optional folding arm supports are also available in black or white.



  • The concealed wall-mounted system is so thin that manoeuvring next to it in a wheelchair is easy.
  • Aesthetically very attractive.
  • The sides and walls are finished in high-quality stainless steel.
  • Servicing and maintenance via the side.
  • Static load up to 400 kg.
  • People up to 180 kg can be raised.
  • Arm supports on the side can be completely folded up next to the frame for optimum transfer.
  • Arm supports move with the system.
  • Arm supports are easy to attach/dismantle.
  • The concealed wall-mounted system is easy to assemble.
  • Available with any XS control panel, mechanical, pneumatic or electronic.

Control panels

Mechanical, pneumatic or electronic control panels are available to operate the VarioTronic flushing cistern. All WISA control panels are designed with the consumer and professional in mind. The result is a series of attractively-designed control panels that offer convenient user control and easy installation for the fitter. Always manufactured from the highest quality materials and with a guaranteed long service life.

Eos control panels

The WISA EOS panels are state of the art control panels. A gem in every toilet or bathroom. Comfortable and hygienic flushing using modern electronics. The panel is activated when you approach the toilet; two indicators slowly illuminate. Simply moving your hand in front of the control panel sets the technology in motion, with flushing taking place entirely automatically. A special WISA app for your smartphone or tablet allows easy adjustments to the control panel settings. It’s easy to switch automatic flushing on or off, making it convenient for users, who no longer need to do anything additional in order to flush.

Return on Investment

Take for example a care home in which two rooms are linked to 1 bathroom. The height-adjustable VarioTronic combined with arm supports ensures a high level of independence. On average, the two residents each use the toilet 5 times a day. It takes approximately 3 minutes to use the toilet. Being able to use the toilet independently means that half-an-hour a day less in toileting assistance is needed. Comparing the salary costs for care and the (economic) lifespan of the VarioTronic shows that €36,500 (opportunity costs) can be saved in 10 years. As well as saving costs the system enables nurses to carry out other forms of care. If toileting assistance is needed, the VarioTronic ensures this is less physically taxing for the caregiver.

Construction phase

The VarioTronic is a special concealed wall-mounted system. Unlike most wall-mounted systems, the wall and floor should be fully finished before installing the VarioTronic. First phase: Water supply, waste water outlet and electrical connection should be fitted in the designated position. The VarioTronic can be delivered in two separate parts: the basic element and the finishing panels. Second phase: Installing the basic element. This standard basic component comprises the frame, cistern and motor and is installed against and connected to the finished wall. Third phase: Fitting the panels. At a later stage, just prior to delivery, the basic element is covered with the front panel and stainless steel side panels. This reduces the risk of damage during construction.

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