Electronically adjustable in height

With the VarioTronic you can easily adjust the height of the wall-hung toilet to the wishes of the user. Maximum sitting and standing comfort (18 cm higher than standard toilet height) with an ideal height for optimal bowel movements (2 cm lower than standard toilet height).

Specially developed for

  • Hospitals and other healthcare institutions, more comfort for the patient and convenience for caregiver
  • Every residential house where the independent and comfortable toilet is preserved
  • Life-resistant homes
  • Rehabilitation centers

A small adjustment, a world of difference

People are getting older and want to stay at home longer. This wish can be fulfilled by making relatively small life-cycle adjustments to the living environment. An independent toilet is experienced as very pleasant. Lack of privacy prevents many people from going to the toilet in time, with all its consequences. Increasing independence can prevent incontinence. In addition, the correct ergonomic position of the toilet also promotes bowel movements.

Optimal accessibility, freedom of movement and choice

In order to offer people with disabilities sufficient user comfort, it was decided to design the VarioTronic in such a way that the maximum width of the element is only 42 cm. This makes a transfer from wheelchair to toilet very easy. A wall-hung toilet with a standard size (instead of models with a 70 cm lead) fits perfectly. The length of this wall-mounted toilet, added to the depth of the element, makes the ideal size for a toilet that is used by people with a physical disability.

Product description

The VarioTronic is a pre-wall system that is electrically adjustable in height. Based on XS flushing technology. The height of the toilet can be easily adjusted by 20 cm (-2cm/+18cm) by means of a remote control. Minimum height wall closet (top of ceramic) is 38 cm. The maximum height is 58 cm. The system is finished with stainless steel panels on both sides and the shelf side. This is also the service entry of the element. The front of the element can be finished with HPL (standard color white) or with safety glass (color white or black) as desired. In addition, you can opt for the corresponding folding support brackets, which are optionally available in the colors white or black.


  • The front wall system is so narrow that it is easy to maneuver next to it with a wheelchair.
  • Aesthetically very nice.
  • The side and wall finishes are made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • Service possible from the side.
  • Static load of 400 kg possible.
  • Persons up to 180 kg can be lifted.
  • Side support brackets can be fully folded up next to the frame for an optimal transfer.
  • Support brackets move with the element.
  • Support brackets are easy to (dis)assemble.
  • The pre-wall system is easy to install.
  • Can be fitted with any XS control panel, mechanical, pneumatic or electronic.

Control panels

Mechanical, pneumatic or electronic control panels can be chosen to operate the VarioTronic cistern. All WISA control panels are designed with the consumer and professional in mind. The result is a series of control panels with an appealing design, ease of use for the user and ease of installation for the installer. Always made of the highest quality materials with a guaranteed long life.


With the Eos panels from WISA you get state of the art control panels at home. A jewel for every toilet or bathroom. Comfortable and hygienic rinsing by means of modern electronics. As you approach the toilet, the panel comes to life, two indicators light up slowly. When you simply move your hand in front of the control panel, the technology takes over and the flushing will be fully automatic. With a special WISA application for your mobile phone or tablet you can easily change settings of the control panel. You can easily switch the automatic flush on or off, creating extra comfort because the user no longer has to perform any extra actions to flush.

Return on Investment

Take as an example a care home where two rooms are connected to 1 bathroom. The height adjustability of the VarioTronic in combination with the support brackets provides a greater degree of independence. Two residents each go to the toilet on average 5 times a day. A toilet visit takes approximately 3 minutes. By being able to use the toilet independently, half an hour a day less care is required when going to the toilet. This compared to the wage costs in healthcare and the (economic) lifespan of the VarioTronic, shows that € 36,500 (opportunity costs) can be saved in 10 years. Apart from cost savings, the nursing staff can provide other care. If help with going to the toilet is nevertheless necessary, the VarioTronic ensures that the caregiver is physically less stressed.

Construction phase

The VarioTonic is a special pre-wall system. In contrast to most pre-wall systems, in this case the wall and floor must be completely finished before the VarioTronic is installed.

Phase 1

Water supply, sewer drain and electrical connection are already mounted in pre-specified position. The VarioTronic can be delivered in two separate parts. The basic element and the finish.

Phase 2

Placement of the basic element. This standard basic part consists of the frame, reservoir and motor and is placed against the finished wall and connected.

Phase 3

Finishing the element. At a later stage, just before delivery, the basic element is covered with a front panel and stainless steel side panels. This reduces the risk of damage during construction.
The concealed wall-mounted system is so thin that manoeuvring next to it in a wheelchair is easyAesthetically very attractiveThe sides and walls are finished in high-quality stainless steelServicing and maintenance via the sideStatic load up to 400 kgPeople up to 180 kg can be raisedThe system is supplied with sides and top high-quality stainless steel platesFront element is available in white HPL and in white or black tampered glassArm supports on the side can be completely folded up next to the frame for optimum transferArm supports move with the systemArm supports are easy to attach/dismantleThe concealed wall-mounted system is easy to assembleAvailable with any control panel, mechanical, pneumatic or electronic
VARIOTRONIC glass, white
For pre-wall VarioTronic system Panel made of tampered glass Side panels and top panel of stainless steelColour: white
VARIOTRONIC glass, black
For pre-wall VarioTronic system Panel made of tampered glass Side panels and top panel of stainless steel Colour: black
VARIOTRONIC supporting hangles, white
Arm supports on the side can be completely folded up next to the frame for optimum transferArm supports move with the systemArm supports are easy to attach/dismantleColor: white
VARIOTRONIC supporting hangles, black
Arm supports on the side can be completely folded up next to the frame for optimum transferArm supports move with the systemArm supports are easy to attach/dismantleColor: black
For VarioTronic pre-wall system, electrically height-adjustable T piece between inlet and cistern Connecting shower toilet