WISA Tronic

Hygienic non-touch flushing technology

A delight to the eye

With the Eos and Ion panels from WISA you get state of the art control panels at home. A jewel for every toilet or bathroom. Comfortable and hygienic rinsing by means of modern electronics. As you approach the toilet, the panel comes to life, two indicators light up slowly. When you simply move your hand in front of the control panel, the technology takes over and the flushing will be fully automatic. Beautiful on the outside, smart on the inside.

Beautiful and functional in any environment

A beautifully designed control panel gives every toilet room something extra. WISA's Eos control panels not only meet many functional requirements, but also give your toilet or bathroom a special appearance. WISA Tronic panels, made of high-quality plastics, glass or stainless steel, can be used in private homes, but are also ideally suited for semi-public buildings such as offices and hotels. There is the Eos Vandalisimo especially for public buildings. A robust but elegant control panel made of 6 mm thick stainless steel.

Innovative technology

Anyone who thinks that flushing technology is easy to think about is wrong. Behind the particularly attractively designed control panel is modern technology. Whether it's the color of the lighting or setting the periodic flush, numerous functions are easy to set from your mobile phone or tablet. No permanent power supply? No problem! The hydro generator generates sustainable energy after each flush. The combination of design, optimum hygiene, functionality and maximum ease of use in your sanitary area.

Convenience serves people

WISA Tronic is very easy to install and fits on any WISA XS or XT cistern. Even if it concerns an already installed system that is equipped with mechanical or pneumatic operation (retro-fit). Remove the standard lever mechanism from the reservoir with a simple movement. Replace the new mechanism with very powerful servomotor here with the same simplicity. The control panel with electronics is connected to the lever mechanism via a small connector and controls the servo motor.

Power supply

The WISA Tronic control panels must be supplied with power. If no mains voltage is provided, you can opt for a hydro generator or battery power.

Mains power

WISA Tronic control panels are supplied as standard by means of mains voltage (transformer 230V - 6V European plug). If mains voltage is present, simply connect the panel using the the AC adapter.

Battery power

With previously built-in XS coil systems where mains voltage is not (any longer) possible, you can opt for battery power. The intelligent electronics automatically switch to the energy-saving Eco mode.


Get electrical energy from hydropower. This ingenious hydroelectric power station generates energy with every flush of the toilet and stores it in a special Lithium Ion battery.

Get electrical energy from hydropower

With the self-sufficient hydroelectric alternator, you never have to worry about having enough energy again. The generator is connected between the water supply and the float valve and generates energy with every flush of the toilet and stores this in a special Lithium Ion battery. This battery is placed in the waterproof battery compartment behind the WISA Tronic control panel.


With a special WISA application for your mobile phone or tablet you can easily change settings of the control panel. You can, among other things, adjust the color of the LED lighting on the control panel and set the interval rinse.