XS Variotronic support bars kit black

  • Arm supports on the side can be completely folded up next to the frame for optimum transfer.

  • Arm supports move with the system.

  • Arm supports are easy to attach/dismantle.

SKU: 8050482401
Product Description

Optimum accessibility, room to move around and range

With a maximum element width of just 42 cm, the VarioTronic design offers people with disabilities optimum user comfort. This makes it very easy to move from the wheaelchair to the toilet. A standard-sized wall-hung water closet offers the perfect fit (as opposed to models that extend by 70 cm). This wall-hung water closet’s length plus the element depth together offer the ideal dimensions for a toilet used by people with physical impairments. Optional folding arm supports are also available in white or black.

Additional Information
Additional Information
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Warranties and certifications10 years warranty, 25 years parts availability