WISA XS urinal with pressure flush for panel Square

SKU: 8050452758
Product Description
  • Urinal support frame Blue powder coated frame
  • Adjustable feet (20 cm)
  • Pre-assembled wall fixation kit
  • 380 mm wide
  • Incl. fixation materials, elbow 50 mm
  • Max 285 offset for urinal fixation
  • Pre-assembled in-wall mounted box, with ball valve, pressure flush mechanism and pipe up to the water supply
  • Waterconnection 1/2”
  • Styropor masonry aid
  • Flushing pressure: 1,2-4,0 bar
  • Flush volume: consistant 3 ± 0,5 l
Additional Information
Additional Information
EAN number8711778137875
Warranties and certifications10 years warranty, 25 years parts availability, KIWA
Self-bearing constructionYes
Surface protectionCoated
Adjustable heightYes
Adjustable widthNo
Adjustable depthYes
Adjustable urinal heightYes
Height1180 - 1380 mm
Width380 - 380 mm
Depth135 - 200 mm
Mains water connectionInternal thread
Size of mains water threaded connection (inch)1/2"
Size of mains water threaded connection (metric)Ø 20,955 mm
With drainage bendYes
Connection voltageNo
Degree of protection (IP)No
Battery power supplyNo
Flushing time usage frequency adjustmentNo
Minimum activation timeNo
Maximum switching timeNo
Programmable with remote controlNo
With pre-flushingNo
With building management system connectionNo
Adjustable throughflow capacityNo
Maximum through flow capacity (150 kPa)No
Maximum preliminary pressure0,4 MPa (4 bar)
Minimum preliminary pressure0,12 MPa (1,2 bar)
Noise classNo
Volume supply classNo
Pre-assembled flushing unitYes
Suitable for manual operationYes
Suitable for pneumatic operationYes
Suitable for radar operationNo
Suitable for infrared operationNo
With inlet fittingsNo
With element attachment materialsYes
With urinal attachment materialsYes
With spacer tube for radar antennaNo
With siphonNo
Number of attachment points according to element4
Maximum height of flushing bendNo
Minimum height of flushing bendNo
KIWA certifiedYes