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Stunning combination of Dutch design and Dutch craftsmanship

Photo: Lammert Moerman from JEE-O (left) and Erik Verwoerd from Fluidmaster (WISA) present the flush plates.

JEE-O International and WISA in partnership

JEE-O International and WISA started a partnership early this year. They joined forces to produce a new flush plate; a mechanical, stainless steel flush plate incorporating the so-called dual flush system, combined with a high-quality WISA flushing system. It is a fantastic partnership between two internationally renowned brands of Dutch origin. 

JEE-O design signature

The high-quality stainless steel operating panel was designed by the JEE-O design team. It has a compact and slim design, rounded corners with a clear JEE-O design signature and comes in two versions; a square and a rectangular version. The design is a fantastic match for other JEE-O designs and is available in five finishes: brushed stainless steel, structured black, bronze, matt gold and white. 

A unique feature of this flush plate is the stainless steel finish in all colours. The introduction of this flush plate means both bathrooms and toilet areas can now be styled entirely in JEE-O design. The toilet, water tap and small basin from the slimline series and accessories including toilet roll holder and toilet brush form a harmonious ensemble, making the toilet line complete. 

JEE-O toilet met drukplaat XS.jpg

Photo: JEE-O toilet with XS flush plate in gold                                   All stainless steel flush plate versions

WISA craftsmanship

WISA, a company of Dutch origin with over 150 years of experience, now forms part of the Fluidmaster brand; an international player in sanitary flushing technology and metal processing. In terms of company philosophy, WISA is a seamless match for the JEE-O International DNA. Both aim for quality, sustainability and synergy in service and production as well as design and look. 

More information?

Visit www.jee-o.com for more information.