Recently, Fluidmaster and IPEE joined forces and knowledge to develop future proof sanitary solutions.The first product of their cooperation is a revolutionary smart toilet. At ISH in Frankfurt, the companies are officially announcing their cooperation.

What has brought Fluidmaster and IPEE together?

  • Fluidmaster: Fluidmaster is always busy improving the range of solutions we offer to our customers. The technology of IPEE came to our attention already earlier. So when they came along and explained the idea of developing a smart toilet – a really smart toilet – we didn’t hesitate to join hands with IPEE to realise it.
  • IPEE: We always knew our technology has its added value for toilet flushing systems. Making sure that our technology is developed in a way that it is broadly supported is very important for us. With Fluidmaster being one of the biggest players in the market of the toilet frames and flushing systems they are an obvious partner. Working together with an experienced brand allows us to develop a system that is suited for a big portion of the market. Moreover, working with an experienced partner like Fluidmaster allows faster and more concentrated development.

What has the cooperation between both parties delivered?

  • Fluidmaster: We have combined the strengths of the infrared sensor technology from Fluidmaster with the capability of IPEE to detect the actual use of a toilet. By combining IR with use detection we’re able to prevent toilets from flushing unintendedly. The toilet will no longer react to random movement of the user in front of it.
  • IPEE: This is how it works: a high-class presence sensor detects when a person is sitting on the toilet; another sensor is constantly monitoring what’s happing inside the bowl: both water level and concentration are being checked. Only if both sensors indicate the toilet has been used and the user has moved away from the toilet, the toilet will flush automatically. We’re also able to detect partial or total blocking of the toilet. As we’re able to detect blocking and control the flushing, we can prevent overflowing of the toilet.

What does this mean for the user?

  • IPEE: Were you ever surprised by an automatic flush of a public toilet while you were still seated? Dreadful, right? That’s exactly what we can avoid by integrating IPEE intelligence into Fluidmasters’ existing toilet solutions. Moreover, the toilet will only flush when being used. This means a considerable amount of water-saving.
  • Fluidmaster: Indeed, the user won’t be confronted with unwanted flushing during his use of the toilet anymore. This will save him a lot of annoyance, leading to a better toilet experience. And talking about a good toilet experience: the smart toilet is equipped with clogging detection, so it won’t flush when it is jammed in one way or another. Toilet users won’t have to deal with wet and dirty floors any more.

What kind of locations benefit from these products and to what extend do they profit from its advantages?

  • Fluidmaster: Basically the smart toilets are a particularly good choice in any public, commercial and hospitality location. Hotels, airports, schools, public buildings, gas stations but also shopping centers, office buildings, factories … you name it. On any location where hygiene and sustainability are important, the return on investment of these smart toilets is extremely high.
  • IPEE: This product will save a lot of water. By greatly reducing the amount of unwanted flushes of the toilet, we’re able to reduce the amount of water used. This is of course also reflected on the water bill at the end of the month. But also the costs of maintenance can be reduced significantly by preventing overflowing. - Fluidmaster: As such, the property owner or facility manager does not only serve his end users with a pleasant, hygienic toilet experience, he can also decrease his overall costs.