WISA XT toilet systems

WISA presents a new line of toilet systems called the WISA XT. The XT systems are only 38 cm wide, and allow either mechanical, pneumatic or electronic operation. The XT systems are available in four different heights: 83cm, 98cm 112cm and 118cm. On the 83cm and 98cm systems you can choose between top or front control. The 83cm version is ideal in situations where you have limited space, for instance under a bathroom window. When installing the top control panel it allows to open the toilet seat without covering the control panel.

Available XT toilet systems


Well-designed on the outside, and smart on the inside


During development of the XT system WISA was assisted by an elaborate team of installers. The practical experience of these professionals show that aspects like easy installation, reliability, failure costs, but also efficient processing and aesthetics play an important role. This knowledge, combined with Wisa’s many years of experience in developing flushing systems was the basis of this new line of XT toilet systems.


The 83cm and 98cm systems allow both front or top control.

Because of the XT 83cm frame being so compact it allows easy installation, for instance under a window or behind your bath tub.

Like the XT 83cm frame, the 98cm frame is also very compact. The height of 98cm allows to open the lid of the toilet seat without covering the control panel.

When installing the toilet bowl at 40cm the WISA XT 112cm frame is ideal when tiling with standard 30cm tiles.

The XT systems are standard equipped with mechanical operation.

Easy change to pneumatic operation is possible on all XT systems.

Electronic control possible in all XT systems with front control.

Turn every flush of the toilet into a cleaning with WISA CLEAN. This unique concept ensures that all users will experience every visit to the toilet as clean and hygienic.


Advantages of a WISA XT toilet system


Zeer compact

Very compact

Narrow built-in element of only 38 cm wide. Depth only 14 cm.

Hoogte verstelbaar

Adjustable height

The frame can be adjusted in height by 20 cm.

Solide frame

Solid frame

The steel 4x4 cm tube frame has a load capacity of 400 kg.

Eenvoudige montage

Easy assembly

Easy assembly due to pre-assembled parts.

Excentrisch verstelbaar

Eccentrically adjustable

Drain bracket and transition piece are eccentrically adjustable.

Excentrisch verstelbaar

No condensation

Fully insulated reservoir to prevent condensation.

Zeer stil

Low noise

Very quiet hydraulic float valve - Class A.

Zeer stil

Adjustable flush volume

Flush volume is easy to adjust.

Uitgebreide instructies

Detailed instructions

Extensive installation instructions included.

The XT toilet systems are equipped with a PE discharge elbow (90mm) and a PE eccentric adaptor (90x110mm). Optional: For difficult to reach sewage pipes use the flexible WISA Flexifon Built-In.
Very compact frame. Only 38 cm wide and 14 cm deep.

Click and break along the fold line. No tools needed.

The discharge elbow can be adjusted left or right.
The fully insulated reservoir prevents condensation of water.
All WISA XT toilet systems come with a standard sound insulation set.
Including drilling template.
A quick change from mechanical operation to pneumatic operation is possible by exchanging the outlet valve lifting mechanism.
A quick change from mechanical operation to pneumatic operation is possible by exchanging the outlet valve lifting mechanism..
Universal hydraulic float valve fills the tank in no time and at a very low noise level.
The pre-installed wall fixation guarantees quick and easy installation of the WISA XT.
WISA XT concealed cisterns are supplied with a pre-installed water connection. There is ample room for the installation work.
The flange in the flush pipe prevents the rubber seal to move during installation of the toilet.
With the yellow parts like the masonry aid or pipe covers your installation is protected against construction debris.
With one click the flushing volume can be changed from 6 to 7,5 litres, and back. This can be done without even having to remove the valve.
The WISA XT 83 cm and the XT98 cm allow front control operation as well as top control operation on the same cistern.
The height of installation can very easily be checked with the meter-level stickers. Adjustable height of the frame for comfort installation up to 20 cm.
Optional: With the WISA CLEAN portal (art.nr. 8050800095) you can easily add a FrescoTablet into the water content of the cistern.


Control panels for XT toilet systems


WISA XT control panels are available in two versions: The mechanical panels, characteristic by its rectangular design, and the pneumatic panels with their round push buttons. The control panels can be used in front or top operation, and are available in ABS plastic in white, with a shiny or matt chrome finish. Or with a stainless steel cover.

Available XT control panels

Warranty and Certificates


10 jaar garantie

10 year guarantee

With WISA XT you choose for a secure installation. So without hesitation we offer you a full 10 year guarantee.

25 jaar nalevergarantie

25 year guarantee

WISA takes it responsibility a step further and offers a 25 year guarantee on the supply of spare parts.



WISA XT concealed cisterns are certified by all major Dutch and international Certification Institutes.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

The WISA organisation is ISO certified. This quality mark emphasises complete control over production and the continuous process of improvement.

400 KG

400 KG

All WISA XT toilet systems pass the 400 KG test without any problem.