XS EOS Hydrogenerator

Generate electrical energy from hydropower. with this hydro-electric generator, you never haveto worry about enough energy. the generator is connected between water supply and float valve. This ingenious hydro-electric powerplant generates energy with every flushing of the toilet and stores it in a special Lithium Ion battery. This battery is placed in the waterproof battery compartment.
SKU: 8050999011
Product Description
  • Hydrogenerator for EOS control panels
  • battery housing with Lithium-Ion Battery DC 7,2V / 1A
  • flexible hosewith couplings
  • backflow preventer
Additional Information
Additional Information
EAN number8711778199033
Warranties and certifications25 years parts availability
Type of accessoryOther
Suitable for bidetNo
Suitable for washbasinNo
Suitable for wall-hung WC panYes
Suitable for urinalNo
Suitable for cleaner's sinkNo
Suitable for bath/shower mixing tapNo
Suitable for arm supportNo