WISA Tronic

Hygienic non-touch flushing technology

Electronic control panels

A feast for the eyes

With Eos panels by WISA you get state of the art control panels for your house. An adornment for every toilet or bathroom. Comfortable and hygienic flushing by modern electronics. When you approach the toilet, the panel comes to life, and 2 indicators light up slowly. When you move your hand in front of the panel, technology takes over, and the toilet is flushed automatically.Beautiful on the outside, clever on the inside.


Attractive and functional in every environment

A well-designed control panel gives each washroom something extra. The Eos control panels by WISA not only meet many functional requirements, but also give your toilet or bathroom a special appearance. WISA Tronic panels, manufactured from high performance plastics, glass or stainless steel, can be used in private homes, but are also ideally suited for semi-public buildings such as offices and hotels. Especially for public buildings we offer the Eos Vandalisimo. A robust but elegant control panel in 6 mm thick stainless steel.


Innovative technology

Those who think lightly about flushing technology might be wrong. Behind the very beautiful shaped panel, modern technique is hidden. Whether it is about changing the color of the lighting, or setting the periodic flushing, a number of functions are easy to set up from your mobile phone or tablet. No permanent power supply available? No problem! The hydro generator generates sustainable energy after each flush. The combination of design, optimum hygiene, functionality and maximum ease of use in your washroom.


Easy does it

WISA Tronic is very easy to install and fits in every WISA XS cistern. Also when the system is already installed and is provided with mechanical or pneumatic control (retro-fit). Pull out the standard mechanism with a simple movement, and replace with the electronic mechanism which has a powerful servo motor. The control panel with electronics is connected to the servo motor which operates the flush valve.



With a special WISA application for your mobile phone or tablet, you can easily change the settings of the control panel.You can for instance change the color of the LED lights on the control panel, and adjust the setting of the interval flushing adjust and set the interval flush.



The WISA Tronic control panels are powered by mains, voltage (230V transformer - 6V European plug). The length of the cable is 170 cm. If no mains are available you can chose either the hydro generator or battery power.

Battery power

In previously installed XS flushing systems where mains are not available, battery operation can be selected. In that case the intelligent electronics automatically switch to Eco Mode, and thus saving energy. This guarantees with fully charged batteries a standbye period of 1 year, or 1,500 flushes. (Article number 8050883140)


Generate electrical energy from hydropower

Hydro generator

Generate electrical energy from hydropower. with this hydro-electric generator, you never haveto worry about enough energy. the generator is connected between water supply and
float valve. This ingenious hydro-electric powerplant generates energy with every flushing of the toilet and stores it in a special Lithium Ion battery. This battery is placed in the waterproof battery compartment.