XS Argos

Today’s design and tomorrow’s technology.

Just as in fashion, modern bathrooms should offer the latest in development and trends. But above all you want to experience the confidence of reliable technology behind the wall. WISA sanitary systems will offer you many years of convenience, easy maintenance and luxury. So all your attention can be put into designing your bathroom.


XS Maro

Water like it is meant to be, in a refreshing combination with white and blue.

Water is key in the bathroom. We use the strength of water to design our products and offer the convenience of a high technical standard. Flushing without problems and years of enjoyment of your bathroom. The blue color of water can be well used for designing your bathroom. A refreshing combination for a good start of your day and the serenity of blue in preceding a good night’s rest.


XS Delos

A bathroom is more than a toilet.

Besides built-in solutions for wall hung toilets in different building situations, WISA offers a wide range of frames for the quick en easy installation of all other sanitary ware.