Craftsmanship since 1865

Dutch craftsmanship

WISA was founded in 1865 by Wolf Joseph Stokvis, owner of W.J. Stokvis Fabriek van Metaalwerken (Factory for metal processing) in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The company used the name WISA, after the initials of his son Willem Isaac Stokvis and the domicile Arnhem. Since the beginning the company engaged in the production of products for the water regime, like supply and discharge products and tabs.

In 1903 the first cast iron cistern was produced. In 1912 the company was granted the predicate 'Royal'. With exception of a recess during WO II, the cast iron cistern is produced for over fifty years. 

After the war, a start was made with the processing of plastics. Finally, this lead to the convertion of the total production to plastics. In 1983, the trademark WISA became the company name. 

Nowadays WISA is a growing Dutch producer. We translate our rich history to todays demands. Design en water saving are main themes and above all, quality and installation ease are our motive.

WISA celebrates


In 2015 WISA was 150 years old and we are proud of it! In 1865 we started in Arnhem with a metalware factory, founded by WJ Stokvis. Today we are active worldwide in the field of sanitary flushing technology. To mark our 150 years in the industry, we have used the available material to chart the DNA of WISA. We hope that you enjoy reading about our history.

The anniversary book offers a glimpse into 150 years of WISA and it maps our DNA. From the very beginning, when Mr. Stokvis laid the foundation for a revolution in sanitation solutions through the vicissitudes of World War II and several innovations to the WISA today. In this book you will get a peek behind the scenes and behind the wall. Because that is the story of WISA remains largely ...

If after seeing this book, want to know more about WISA, please contact us.

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