WISA CLEAN by Frescoblue


The portal to a daily fresh toilet

Beautiful on the outside, smart on the inside

In collaboration with FrescoBlue, WISA has developed the WISA Clean concept.
This unique concept ensures that all users will experience every visit to the toilet as clean and hygienic.
You can easily add a FrescoTablet into the water content of the cistern. Insert the tablet via the portal in the specially developed Kantos control panel and the water will clean the toilet with every flush. Changing the traditional dirty and unsightly baskets on the rim of the toilet now belongs to the past.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, WISA Clean has a number of other advantages.

  • The flush water cleans the toilet every time you flush, in places you could never reach otherwise.
  • It deposits an invisible film on the ceramic, making it harder for dirt to adhere to the surface.
  • This allows you to clean the toilet less frequently.
  • Bacteria are killed automatically every time you flush.
  • The blue water that remains in the water seal shows that the toilet has been flushed with special water.

WISA Clean can be used in combination with any WISA XT builtin cistern. Besides the built-in solution, there is also a special developed cistern for a floor standing toilet, with the same properties as described above. If you would like this for your toilet then choose the WISA Clean 336 and experience its ultimate freshness every day.

Enjoy the comfort of WISA Clean at home, at the office or in your hotel.

Product information

  • WISA CLEAN XT portal - art. nr. 8050800095
  • Kantos control panel
    • ABS white - art. nr. 8050418701
    • ABS bright chrome - art. nr. 8050418751
    • ABS matt chrome - art. nr. 8050418731
    • Steel - art. nr. 8050419001
  • To be used in combination with WISA XT toilet systems


Turn every flush of the toilet into a cleaning

The unique FrescoTablet keeps the WC fresh and hygienically clean at all times, even between cleanings.

FrescoBlue has developed a unique cleaning tablet with extremely powerful cleaning properties.
The FrescoTablet turns every flush of the toilet into a cleaning, with the effect that your toilets are always fresh and hygienically clean even between cleanings and are experienced as such.

That is why the FrescoTablet is the best choice!

  • The FrescoTablet is a specially developed product, consisting entirely of 100% biodegradable natural materials.
  • Every flush becomes a cleaning of the toilet (including under the rim of the toilet).
  • Ideal for rimless wall hung pans.
  • The continuous cleaning creates an extremely smooth surface.
  • The flush water has a bactericidal and effective cleansing effect.
  • The flush water colours fresh blue.
  • The FrescoTablet has a decalcifying effect.
  • The FrescoTablet has a cleansing effect.
  • Separate cleaning/bleaching agents are not necessary.

Product information

  • Bucket with 52 FrescoTablets- WISA art. nr. 6050411215

WISA CLEAN keeps your WC fresh, hygienic and clean at all times